Louisa Webb brings over a decade of invaluable executive-level experience in the Skincare and Beauty fields. Alongside this, she brings a strong understanding of, and expertise in, the Medical Sector. 

Equipped with a unique combination of skills, experience, knowledge and connections in the Beauty and Aesthetics sector, Louisa’s mission has always been to enable clinics and service providers in this industry to overcome business challenges and deliver outstanding, measurable and sustainable results, both commercially and in the delivery of services.


Louisa is excellently placed to guide and equip entrepreneurs, business owners, and their teams to create and deploy an operational strategy which encompasses service delivery, finance, client relations, internal teams and increase of revenue via tools and strategies which she will design according to each individual organisation’s vision and objectives.


From her driven, entrepreneurial standpoint, coupled with excellent business management skills, Louisa has delivered optimal marketing strategies and sales solutions. Her tailor-made sales strategies, which leverage her in-depth knowledge of beauty and aesthetics industry trends, have led to value-added solutions and innovative approaches which have strengthened organisations’ revenues, year on year.


Louisa’s strong and inclusive leadership style is reflected in her solid history in delivering change management programmes. Louisa brings an energy and enthusiasm which motivates teams to be receptive to new techniques or a shift in processes which, in turn, leads to a high-performance team ethic, generating optimum business results.


Louisa incorporates a keen focus on the development of managers and senior staff as the future of the industry and on growing teams with targeted training. She has directly managed a team of nearly 100 individuals so understands that communication is key and is skilled at delivering sales strategies articulately and effectively, training and coaching teams to create revenue with high profitability.

An interview with Louisa Webb of Alumier MD. Discover her career path from cruise ships to Director of Sales for one of the most prestigious professional skincare brands.