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Whether you have recently qualified and have decided to open a clinic as an independent practitioner or you have a mature business, I am able to help. 


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RECRUITING Hiring the best staff to ensure success is vital. It’s essential that the candidate is able to build rapport with prospects as well as performing a demonstration of a treatment. Louisa will incorporate elements such as role play scenarios into the recruitment process to assess that candidates are an optimum fit for your organisation. 

MEASURING & MONITORING staff is essential to ensure objectives are being met and also for the growth, development and motivation of all employees. Louisa will enable clients to be confident in setting KPIs for successful fulfilment of business goals. Once these have been established we will work on creating Bonuses/Commission based performance OTE's for all Sales Related people within the organisation.

Meeting the Staff

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS which seek to grow, develop and reward teams are essential to ensure retention of good staff as well as loyalty. Developing talent within your organisations is a huge factor in creating strong, motivated teams who are committed to an organisation’s success. This is because they will see their rewards potentially increasing as the company's profits start to grow. Louisa creates Development Programmes so you can get the best out of your teams and ensure that they strive to do their best for you.

REWARDING YOUR TEAM when they are doing an excellent job increases motivation within your staff to raise the bar and to achieve goals and targets. It also gives employers the opportunity to show appreciation for those going above and beyond for the team goal and substantially increases the retention rate of great staff. Louisa will enable business owners / management to become expert in setting the right bonuses for staff to incentivise sufficiently whilst ensuring targets are achieved. These rewards should be changed as the company grows to align with the company's objectives.


PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT should be introduced if staff don’t achieve their KPIs for more than two months, or whatever is set by the line manager. Performance management doesn’t have to be a necessary evil, despite how this can be delivered. Perfomance management should be delivered in such a way that the employee wants to get right what they are currently failing at. With her strong experience of people management, Louisa will coach business leaders and managers in how to carry out performance management processes successfully, clearly and more importantly, professionally. 

COMPANY CULTURE - Is as important for attracting the right candidates as it is for the people that currently work in it. Company Culture refers to the shared values, goals, and characteristics of a company. Company culture is important to management and teams because employees are more likely to enjoy work when their needs and values are consistent with their employers. If you work somewhere where the culture is a good fit, you'll tend to develop better relationships with co-workers, be more productive and, ultimately, strive to do better for that business. Louisa can help organisation pin down the core  beliefs and factors that underpin organisational aims and instil a company culture which resonates with and links together all employees.



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SALES TRAINING must be specific to each team member’s strengths and weaknesses and theory must be broken down into individual steps to guarantee optimum results. Louisa can ensure that this is delivered for all team members. She will also diligently go through revenue targets on a step by step basis for all sales staff. Louisa will also train the staff on how to appropriately increase the lifetime value of each client. This includes upselling more modalities, and increasing their spend within the clinic/salon.

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NEW CUSTOMER ACQUISITION. Louisa will work strategically on your social media which will include a 12 month plan pertaining to all current, and potentially new platforms. Louisa will also proactively work on asking for referrals from existing clients and discuss objection handling techniques in depth with all staff involved. We will seek to work with local businesses to maximise your potential and seek to increase revenue this way additionally.

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FIRST POINT OF CONTACT TRAINING is crucial in capturing essential information needed to convert an enquiry to a paying customer; Louisa carries out Reception training to ensure all incoming calls are being converted to appointments successfully. The amount of times she has been into clinics and heard receptionists put the phone down before converting the incoming call into a live appointment or at the very least an data capture. This is your lifeline, make it count.

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RETAIL SALES TRAINING is delivered by Louisa in order to enable teams to capture sales using a simple 5 step technique along with role play based training to ensure best practice when delivering services. As well as link selling and recommending dual modalities and the up-selling of all retail products in order to increase the Average Transactional Value of each client both new and existing. 

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ROLE PLAY SCENARIO to ensure best practice when it comes to services, link selling and recommending dual modalities as well as selling products.  Although this can be daunting for the staff, it works! One way to assess the level of your teams knowledge and effectiveness is to put them to the test using this tried and tested method.

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EFFECTIVE NETWORKING with local businesses to ensure professional recommendations can be very lucrative. It's easy for businesses to just to remain in their own bricks and mortar without going further afield. You will find by welcoming businesses into your circle, offering their teams incentives and working strategically together can be very rewarding financially for all involved.



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It's not only important to keep an eye on cash flow, but also to measure what is working within the clinic and what isn't. Too often new machines or treatments are introduced to the clinic, without much analysis of what has already worked and what hasn't. Louisa will be able to work with you on a thorough breakdown and together you will build a robust plan to ensure you are secure for the future of the business. It's also very important to work on your breakeven point to ensure that your team are performing more of the treatments that offer you more margin. Having managed her own clinic for 4 years, Louisa knows how to ensure you are as profitable as possible and as quickly as you can.


One way of ensuring you are profitable is to look at the occupancy both overall and per staff member. You should be aiming for as close to 100% as possible, taking into consideration cancellations and no shows. What provisions have you implemented to ensure clients don't cancel is a question we should be asking ourselves. Some of the things we will consider together is adding re-bookings into the teams KPIs. These are all the things we will work on together and come up with a robust plan of maximising this at all costs.