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With two major start-up companies under my belt, both of which are probably the most sought after skincare brands on the market now, Alumier MD and Environ skincare, I am here to help. Whether its people management, profit and loss, strategic planning, new lead generation or effective planning, I am able to help you become more effective and profitable.


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RECRUITING the right staff to ensure success is vital. Working with the right recruiters is key to make sure you get the best people for your business. Louisa will put in place frameworks so that vacancies are filled with people who will complement and enhance the workings of the organisation, and work with you to understand and achieve prescribed business goals. Louisa will incorporate elements such as role play scenarios and psychometric testing to assess that candidates are an optimum fit for an organisation. Recruiting the right people is imperative for the success of your brand moving forward. The wrong people could cost you a lot, and not just in turnover but in reputation. Louisa works with the management team on setting the right questions for the right jobs, reading psychometric tests to ensure they as the right questions to attract the best future employees. Culture also plays a huge role in creating a work environment which the team will thrive.

Meeting the Staff

MEASURING & MONITORING STAFF is essential to ensure objectives are being met and also for the growth, development and motivation of staff. Louisa will enable Managers to be confident in setting the right but realistic KPIs for the business for success, based on the needs of the business. These can also be reviewed based on the company's pillars and strategies. Regular one to one meetings should be conducted either remotely or face to face, but the content should not change. Employees thrive on being heard, and it's a chance for both parties to be able to discuss performance and areas of concern, along with any new opportunities to grow.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMMES which seek to grow, develop and reward teams are essential to ensure retention of good staff as well as their loyalty. Developing talent within your organisation is a huge factor in creating strong, motivated teams who are committed to an organisation’s success because they can see their own success along with that. Louisa creates Development Programmes so you can get the best out of your teams and ensure that your teams strive to do their best for you. When good staff are developed, promoted and invested in, generally you have a happier workforce. This shines through to your customers, plus they don't want to see a staff churn, this can create a negative environment that no one wants to be part of.

REWARDING YOUR TEAM when they are doing an excellent job increases motivation within your staff to raise the bar, to achieve their goals and targets. It also gives employers the opportunity to show appreciation for those going above and beyond for the team goal and substantially increases the retention rate of great staff. Louisa will enable business owners / management to become expert in setting the right bonuses for staff to incentivise enough sufficiently but whilst ensuring targets are achieved.


PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT doesn’t have to be a necessary evil of employing people. How to deliver this effectively and professionally when teams are not performing to the expected standards takes skill and strong management skills. With her strong experience of people management, Louisa will coach business leaders and managers in how to carry out performance management processes successfully and positively.

COMPANY CULTURE -  Company Culture refers to the shared values, goals, and characteristics of a company. Company Culture is important to management and teams because employees are more likely to enjoy work when their needs and values are consistent with their employers. If you work somewhere where the culture is a good fit, you'll tend to develop better relationships with co-workers, be more productive and, ultimately, strive to do better for that business. Louisa can help your organisation pin down the core beliefs and factors that underpin organisational aims and instil a company culture which resonates with and links together all employees.

RECRUITMENT - Although Louisa isn't a seasoned recruiter, she tends to know a lot about it. Having worked with large sales teams, she understands the importance of hiring right. Too often Managers read a CV and think that this is the right person for the role based on experience. Little thought is given to cultural fit, and asking them scenario based questions to test their responses. This should also all be backed up by a Psychometric test to see any underlying area's that don't tend to show up unless probed. 



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Cosmetic Products

SALES TRAINING must be specific to each team member’s strengths and weaknesses and theory must be broken down into specific steps down to specific steps to guarantee optimum results. Louisa can ensure that this is delivered to all team members. She will also diligently go through revenue targets on a step by step basis for all sales staff. Louisa will also train the staff on how to appropriately convert a high number of leads into new accounts. Account management will also be a large part of this training programme to ensure they existing clients are receiving the best in terms of customer service and best practice.

Female Developers

NEW BUSINESS/CLIENT ACQUISITION requires technique and tenacity. Louisa will train teams on things such as cold calling techniques, both in person and over the phone, asking for referrals from existing customers and how to deal with these. New Business has always been a huge part of Louisa's success, so she is adept in dealing with any objections when it comes to creating a solid pipeline, and overcoming any hurdles. This is an area that Louisa really thrives in, so she will ensure, that with this training under your belt, you will go from strength to strength.

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WARM LEAD CONVERSION to ensure highest conversion into new business acquisition. Cold calling is one thing and takes a lot of training to ensure the team are converting effectively, but often warm lead conversion techniques are left in the dark assuming sales professionals know exactly what they are doing. Louisa has seen in her extensive experience, that warm leads are often burnt on the first visit or call. This is because there should still be an effective strategy for converting these into new accounts for any business. Louisa spends time with the sales force role playing to ensure maximum percentage of the leads are converted effectively.

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ENSURING BUSINESS CONSULTANTS HAVE A CONSULTATIVE APPROACH and are able to offer more than just a product/service to their clients is a very important message. Those days are gone, when reps go in and sell a product or service and you never see them again. Business owners now want MUCH more value for money than they did previously. Louisa will therefore train your team to ensure they are well rounded Business Managers that can actually help grow their clients business overall. They will be trained on best practice, how to work on growing their customer base, social media productivity, education and the importance of it, upselling courses and ensuring the therapists are delivering on all Consultations carried out.

Flexible Payment Planning

EFFECTIVE JOURNEY PLANNING. Louisa has managed large teams over the years and so she is aware of not only the huge costs involved in ineffective planning but also how the the sales team can waste their time if they spend too long travelling and not enough time in front of their customers. In the new world, it is now considered normal to conduct meetings via platforms such as Zoom or GoToMeeting. However, there are times when face to face meeting are inevitable and also possibly more productive at times depending on the type of meeting taking place. A great Business Manager will work on a 3 month rolling plan to ensure the clients know when to expect you, plus this way you can be postcode/location specific should things change and that also avoids unnecessary costs and moving of clients. 

Analysing the Numbers

EFFECTIVE PIPELINE GENERATION To be a great Sales Person, means you need some great leads, and in addition to that, pipeline. It takes approximately 3 months to build a thorough and effective pipeline. Of course you can win leads sooner than that, but are they the best leads and the best quality to ensure you are achieving revenue growth. There are always, short, medium and long term leads that should be worked on at all times depending on the time they take to actually open. Louisa has extensive experience in new account acquisition, and she also know the importance of having a great pipeline, and a full enough funnel of more leads coming through. She will be able to breakdown the above and also work on strike rates, how many cold calls and presentations each team member needs to conduct to achieve this goals.


EFFECTIVE NETWORKING With the age old saying 'it's not what you know, it's who you know' still standing the test of time, Networking can be very effective with regards to new business and lead generation. Of course, Networking also takes skill and confidence and not everyone is qualified to do it effectively. The most mistakes people make by attending Networking events, is not talking to anyone with a fear of not knowing what to say. Louisa has attend Networking events in their hundreds and is well equipped to train the most seasoned sales person how to confidently speak to people and gain rapport quickly. The one thing to ensure is spot on is your elevator pitch, that allows you tell people what you do and why you're there in just a few sentences.

Business Brainstorming

HEAD OFFICE TRAINING, With the first port of calling being the office when it comes to new clients enquiring, it's no surprise to hear that they have high expectations and you can win or lose a customer at this very early stage in their journey with you. Whether it's how to answer the phone, what to say when you do, how to overcome complaints and even dealing with irate customers. With Louisa's extensive experience in this field and managing a huge office based team, including cold call teams, she knows what customers want and she is able to prepare your staff for any form of enquiry.

Professional Presentation

NEW BUSINESS PITCH DECK   Louisa believes in a technique when it comes to closing a sale. A lot of Managers hand their new team members a bunch of slides and expect them to go and close lots of new business. Unfortunately, there's much more to it than that. The slide deck is just a point of reference and should never be used as a crutch to see you through the process. If this is done ineffectively, it's called information dumping, and the client will just switch off. You see no two pitches should ever be the same, but to make them unique to each client is quite a technique. Having trained hundreds of sales staff over the years, and the having a division that just trained new starters in creating the perfect Pitch, Louisa is equipped to make the team the best that they can possible be. You need to create a journey and s story that the client feels is unique to them.

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ROLE PLAY. Although Role play is daunting, it works! One way to assess the level of your sales teams knowledge and effectiveness is to put them to the test using this tried and tested method.



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Having worked as board member for 7 years, Louisa was responsible entirely for the P&L for the sales division.  It is therefore imperative that company’s keep an eye on their expenditure and return on their investment. It can sometimes be a surprisingly eye opening situation when you start to pull the numbers apart and see where you can save money and where the money is then vest invested. This part is crucial for ensuring you are making the right decisions.



Setting the right targets for the team is very important. I see often that the targets are new business focused and not enough on maintaining and growing existing clients and their needs. With targets come rewards. Are the targets and the rewards enough to motivate the team effectively. Too high a target with not enough a reward, and they give up on the first hurdle. Get it right the first time, and you’ll never look back.



Conducting regular performance reviews is imperative for the development and effective management of the teams. Louisa see's too often that Managers don't conduct reviews either at all or so sporadically they aren't effective. Not only are reviews a perfect opportunity for both parties to be able to view their feelings, but it is a safe space for the employee to be able to openly discuss area's she would like to develop and any issues she is having with the team or other employees. These are an excellent foundation, and can be used to look back on and refer to if you manage a large team. 



Creating a good Strategy, is at the heart of every successful organisation. Once you have defined your competitive advantage, your yearly targets, you can focus on systematic growth making fact based decisions. Louisa has many years of personal experience in this field and believes in being nimble, ensuring you invest time pre-work being carried out, and then once the tasks are completed, they are measured effectively.  She will advise you on setting up corporate calendars, promote productive meetings and establish a performance management cycle.


This will enable both the individual and the corporate client to reach their full potential, explore motivations, desires, skills and thought processes and assist the individual in making real lasting change. Louisa has developed and created tools and techniques to assist both growth and change for a more lucrative and happier outcome. This process isn't just a one off, but Louisa will help you with maintaining the level of coaching remotely for all teams that are field based to ensure follow through. Louisa believes that coaching and mentoring is an ongoing part of management and ensuring you get the best from all employees no matter what the experience.


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With over 10 years of working experience with the VISIA™ not only does Louisa know the system inside out, she knows how to leverage the maximum value of what is the Gold Standard in skin analysis solutions. Louisa’s value is in coming to your clinic to engage in group training sessions to show you exactly how you can springboard your sales revenues both in the treatment room, and homecare products. The principal deliverable is that she will show and coach you on how to precisely and confidently explain to your clients the skin analyses before them; to ensure they fully understand its purpose, what they are seeing and how they can improve not only what they see when they look in the mirror but also what they cannot see with the naked eye. ROI – not only will your therapists/clinicians be confident in delivering a professional consultation, but your clients will want to come back at each stage in their skincare journey with you, creating a lifetime value client.


VISIA™ is the Gold Standard and state of the art skin analysis solution enabling you to capture consistent medical grade high resolution baseline digital images, analyse and breakdown your clients skin care goals, and monitor the efficacy of treatments across the continuum of skincare. Find out why the leading Aesthetic Clinics, MediSpa’s and Beauty Salons incorporate VISIA as part of their patient journey and best practice.